Linda J. Green/Metzler, Artist

Town Scape

Argosy Boat, Alton IL, Casino on the Mississippi
French Town St. Charles MO, Apples, Watercolor Painting
St. Louis Art Museum, View in Forest Park, St. Louis MO
Old Town St. Charles, Garden on Main Street
Old Town St. Charles MO, Old MIllstream Inn and Restaurant
Lafayette Square St. Louis MO,
First Capital St. Charles MO, View from River St. Charles Visitor's Center
St. Charles MO, Plank Road Dig on Main Street, Old Town St. Charles
Ted Drewes, The Custard Stand, South St. Louis Landmark, Watercolor Painting
Deliveries on Lacledes Landing, St. Louis MO, Beer Wagon, St. Louis Landmark, Watercolor Painting
Eads Bridge St. Louis
Art Gallery Row Eureka MO Watercolor Small Town Missouri
Le Vin Restaurant Cafe, Old Town St. Charles